Thursday 7 December 2006

Dead Starlets Assoc.

It's in the links section on the right sidebar, but I want to pimp Yvonne Todd's website anyway. One of my top five NZ artists, Yvonne is / has recently been at the IMA in Brisbane, working on an artist's book, Dead Starlets Assoc.

ervon - Yvonne Todd's website

Article about Dead Starlets Assoc - IMA website

Anna Miles review 2002- Artforum via Findarticles

Anthony Byrt review 2004 - NZ Listener

William McAloon review 2004 - NZ Listener

Yvonne is represented by Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland, and Peter McLeavey Gallery, Wellington. Peter doesn't have a website.

Ivan Anthony Gallery

Image: Yvonne Todd, Amanda, 2006. Diptych, 2 x lightjet prints, each 133 x 106 cm.

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