Friday 15 December 2006

Imprinting the littlies

Education programmes in cultural institutions are motivated by a number of factors; the Ministry of Education LEOTC (Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom) initiative, institutions' belief in their role to educate and enlighten the public, and (to put it crudely) a get 'em while they're young philosophy.

This post from 19 October this year by Auckland-based marketing consultancy G2 looks at the Auckland Art Gallery's recent expansion of their education programme for primary school student through the lens of 'live event marketing experiences'. G2 cites a 2005 survey by Jack Morton Worldwide which found that experiences where 'consumers interact with products, brands or “brand ambassadors” face-to-face are among the most effective ways to influence coveted consumer audiences.'

And here, the AAG's original media release about their new art education experience.

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