Thursday 21 December 2006

I'd really like to ...

go to this conference. And that's not something I say often.

The conference in question is O'Reilly Media's TOC (Tools of Change for Publishing) Conference.
From the Conference website:

"Technology is fundamentally transforming publishing. From generating ideas to packaging information to delivering products and beyond, technology and change are themes in every aspect of publishing. For publishers, these shifts are taking place so rapidly that it's challenging to keep current--let alone create new, profitable opportunities.

The first O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference is being launched to raise the level of technology knowledge and discourse in the publishing industry and to provide a meeting ground for those leading the charge into the future of publishing."

I have often talked with friends and colleagues about how fantastic it would be to have full-text-searchable versions of New Zealand publications like Landfall, Midwest, Ascent and the Journal of NZ Art History (formerly the Bulletin of NZ Art History - BONZAH) available. Dreams are free, but digitisation's not. The thing that interests me about this conference is that it's not just about inspiration, aspiration nd technology - it's also about business models, and that's not something I think we talk about much here.

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