Friday 9 February 2007


Jim Barr and Mary Barr have posted a mock FAQ on Overthenet, based on the 11-page letter sent to artists taking part in City Gallery Wellington's Telecom Prospect 2007 exhibition.

The letter invited artists to submit a multiple for sale as at the Gallery as part of the show. I'm all for galleries making multiples (particularly large editions) available to the public. I'm not so hot on the following factors:

- City Gallery will be adding 40% to the sale price nominated by the artist - and then keeping this as their cut. If the artist has to pass a cut on to their dealer, this has to come out of their original price.

- Based on previous artist fees, it would seem likely that the Gallery will make more money off the artists than they'll give them to take part in the show.

And then there's the bigger question - should our public galleries be engaging in dealer practices?

FAQ - Overthenet

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