Tuesday 13 February 2007

CNZ draft strategic plan released

Creative New Zealand has released its Draft Strategic Plan for 2007-2010.

The Draft Strategic Plan identifies four strategic priorities

1. New Zealand Communities are Engaged with their Arts
"This priority is focussed specifically on communities and their participation in the arts. It acknowledges that through the strong foundation of communities and the arts, both the overall arts sector and communities will be healthier."

2. Development of Quality New Zealand Arts and Artists
"This strategic priority aims to ensure that New Zealand artists develop the quality of their work, reach their potential and move the arts forward."

3. Development of Quality New Zealand Arts and Artists
"This priority aims to give New Zealanders in metropolitan and provincial centres regular opportunities to access high quality diverse arts experiences."

4. International Success for New Zealand Arts
"International success for New Zealand arts, artists, producers and arts organisations does not tend to happen spontaneously, but is generally the result of a long-term commitment to achieving success for New Zealand arts internationally."

Feedback on the plan is due by Wednesday 7 March. CNZ has appointed an external reference group to provide independent feedback on the draft plan, consisting of Jenny Harper, Liz Civil, Sai Lealea, Roger King, Anna Kominik.

CNZ Draft Strategic Plan and background info - CNZ website

n.b. don't bother searching for the word 'venice'.

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