Wednesday 7 February 2007

Today's reading

A new essay on Yvonne Todd's work.

Justin Clemens - Uneasy Glamour - IMA website

The essay accompanies Todd's show at the IMA, Blood, In Its Various Forms (incorporating Meat And Liquor) which opens on 10 February. The exhibition includes work from three recent series; 'Vagrants’ Reception Centre', 'Blood, In Its Various Forms', 'Meat And Liquor'.

The essay doesn't say a lot that's new about Todd's work. But it's nice to see it up online (although a PDF as well as the webpage would have been useful).

I'd love to see more galleries in New Zealand making catalogue essays available online - surely the benefit of having this writing out there (for the local and international web public, for teachers and students, for the galleries' and the artists' reputations and search engine hits) far outweighs the possibility you might sell a few less catalogues.

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