Monday 26 February 2007

Getting it right ...

The exhibition 'Heroes and Villains: Australian comics and their creators' closed yesterday at the State Library of Victoria. I didn't see the exhibition in the flesh, but I like what they've done with their web accompaniments.

Heroes and Villains online activities

The Library ran a three day blogging session with Australian cartoonists, loaded up a podcast for use in the exhibition or for using for a virtual tour, and created an interactive Flash thingie (with too many exclamation marks for my liking).

The first thing that caught my eye was the online competition, where people (mostly - purportedly - kids and young teens) could submit drawings of their own superhero, with a few snippets of information:

The Tunnel Killer (Nicholas, age 6)
My superhero wears: He wears black pants, a chain mesh shirt, and a mask with spikes on his arms.

My superhero looks like: He looks tough and strong.

My superhero has a gadget: Spikes and weapons.

My superhero can: He has spikes and weapons and is very strong.

My superhero lives: In tunnels.

An adventure my superhero has had: He was trying to get some people that had crawled into some tunnels and he won.

That's Anggry Dud, by Callum, age 7, at the top of the post.

Superhero Gallery

But I'm also really impressed by the online catalogue:

  • it's in HTML, instead of being a PDF of a print publication, making it more accessible and eliminating download time
  • the left-hand nav replicates a contents page, making it easy to move through
  • despite the all-caps font, it's still clean and easy to read
  • the design seems to have been made for the online environment instead of transposing a print design onto a website.

Heroes and Villains online catalogue

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