Wednesday 20 February 2008


Opening tonight at Enjoy is Joanna Langford's new installation 'Brave Days'. I haven't enjoyed an Enjoy email so much in ages:

Like the Doozers of Fraggle Rock creating their intricate architectural constructions, Langford’s primary activity is doing. Structures are built intuitively and re-enforced as necessary. Her work also shares a symbiotic relationship to its environment, as she utilises cast-off materials to create new environments. While Langfords work is more complex than the doozers compulsive behaviour ­– building ad infinitum – there are similarities. The Doozers said they actually want the muppet Fraggles to eat their constructions because "architecture's supposed to be enjoyed" and also so they can go on to build again.

For those of you not watching children's TVin the mid-1980s (they were good times, I tell you) the Doozers page on the Muppet wiki may be illuminating.

Calling Langford's work more complex than the Doozers could be taken as a slight. Fraggle Rock, was a very deliberate consideration of the different ways of building and living within society, and the Doozers and the Fraggles had a symbiotic relationship: the Doozers live to build, the Fraggles eat their constructions, and thus the Doozers have room to keep building. So, my question is: if Langford is a Doozer, and the audience is a Fraggle - who is Majory, the sentient trash heap?

PS I forgot to say - I'm looking forward to seeing the show, after enjoying the Sarjeant Gallery installation linked to above.

Image: Doozers. From the Muppet wiki.

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