Friday 1 February 2008

Friday muster

You now have until February 13 to tell Utah how you feel about oil drilling near Spiral Jetty.

If you happen to collect Coke memorabilia, meet you new best friend. Coca-Cola has its first blog, and it's being run by the company archivist.

Street art / street-influenced art? Graffiti in the gallery system.

Opening tonight at Hamish McKay - Mikala Dwyer

Artbash on Ilam


David Cauchi said...

Speaking of Mikala Dwyer, the watercolours and drawings out the back there are well worth checking out. They work really well in that space too.

Courtney Johnston said...

I didn't get close enough to them during the opening, but I plan to go back for another look. I liked the look of them against the wood-panel, even from the distance.