Wednesday 13 February 2008

Living room

Hey - did anyone else know about this? This being the Museum of Wellington City and Sea's International Arts Festival contribution, The Gallery of Helen Hitchings: from Fretful Sleeper to Art World Giant. From the blurb:
In a recreation of [Hitchings'] gallery you will see work by leading artists of the time including McCahon, Woollaston and furniture by architect Ernst Plischke. This exhibition will both surprise and astound you with one woman's determination and the cultural sophistication of New Zealand in 1950.
While the shock-and-awe tone of that intro made me giggle, the photos of Hitchings' gallery that I've seen have always intrigued me, with their lifestyle-choice atmosphere: everything you need, from the painting to the pottery. I'm really curious to see how this recreation turns out.

[Sorry - no web photos, and no further info on the MWCS site, so you'll need to either follow the link to the IAF site above or visit the exhibition, which opens on 20 February.]

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