Thursday 13 March 2008

What are you thinking? Take Three

Tee hee. I actually know.

Many of you are thinking - hmmm, I wonder where to find those Google Earth Glue Society God pictures?

Quite a few of you are keen to find Shane Cotton's Redshift, which Jim Barr and Mary Barr nominated as their top NZ painting in the Listener last year.

A number of you (or one very persistent person) are/is coming to Best of 3 via the search "olafur eliasson gibbs zealand". You'd be wanting this post on Over the net.

And cos I'm feeling helpful today: here's the Hoefler & Frere-Jones website, Mikala Dwyer on YouTube and the definition of 'gallerina' on

My favourite of the keyword searches that have brought people to the blog over the past few weeks? It's either "crumpling conference" (which sounds like something Martin Creed might organise) or "art history degree Apple jobs" (Dear Apple, if you're reading: I have an art history degree. In fact, I have several. Please pick me).

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