Friday 17 August 2012

Web muster

NPR polls its listeners on their top 100 teen novels.

An interview with my indie games hero, Pippin Barr.

Because you should always read anything Atul Gawande writes.

Tension between an influential Canadian collectors and the director of the Vancouver Art Gallery (with the interesting suggestion: instead of one $300 million new gallery, how about 8-10 $30 million ones scattered throughout the city?).

Dan Hill on using print-on-demand publishing to produce persuasive tools (aka booklets). Only, they're much mor than booklets. You should read this. And then you should watch his 2010 National Digital Forum keynote. Because he is amazing. (You'll want to fast-forward through the first few minutes though. Trust me.)

Dan made me think things like - what if we started off planning and exhibition by writing the comments we want to see in the visitors' book, or the recording a curator's interview with a 'journalist', or writing the exhibition review. By painting a picture of the end experience, we can start planning backwards towards achieving it (if you know what I mean).

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