Friday 11 January 2013

In charge

So, one day, I am going to write a book (or likely, something much shorter) about becoming and being an art gallery director. (Some days I think it would be handy if this book already existed. I remember when Francesco Bonami's curator's vade mecum was doing the rounds earlier this century; one of the projects I mull over occasionally is asking leaders across the gallery and museum world to recommend one piece of writing - an article, blog post, letter, book extract, TED talk, whatever - they recommend for any person stepping up to director level.)

In the meantime, you can read this interview with Tony Ellwood, the new-ish NGV director. The fact that he is only 45 means more to me than it probably should.

Also, one of the nice things about being back into work and my normal routine is listening to new music again. Here's a new favourite by Laura Mvula, who sounds like a fresh new throaty Nina Simone.

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