Tuesday 8 January 2008

Best of 3: the provincial edition

Welcome back!

Over the next few posts I'll share the fruits of my summer travels around the North Island - the Sarjeant, the G-BAG, the Waikato Museum, and the spanking new Tauranga Art Gallery.

In the meantime.... a while ago I posted about New Zealand art galleries on Wikipedia. Today, while reading up on the Existence show at Waikato Museum, I noticed a link to Wikipedia as 'more info' on Francis Upritchard. Which got me thinking - who else is there?

Quite a few people actually: Colin, Toss, Louise and Rita (but only a little Gordon, and no Milan, Bill or Doris); Ralph and Michael (Smither, that is, no Tony or Allen); Shane and Mike P, but not Michael Stevenson, Peter Robinson or Seraphine. Francis, but no Simon Denny or Dan Arps. Interesting.

And finally: raising the shade of the McCahon/Kelvinator pairing:

on Jen Graves' blog [thanks J]

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