Tuesday 13 May 2008

Walk a mile

In his most recent column for the Listener, Hamish Keith goes from Crocs

to Bill Hammond

to Shane Cotton

to the Venice Biennale.

Sadly, no mention of Hany Armanious, surely the go-to guy for art/Crocs metaphors.

Images, from top:
Crocs Beach in Seafoam, from usoutdoor.com
Bill Hammond,
Bait Station, from the Brooke Gifford website
Shane Cotton,
Delta, 2007, from the Brooke Gifford website
Venice Biennale logo, Venice Biennale website
Hany Armanious,
Year of the Pig Sty, 2007, from the Foxy Productions website


Anonymous said...

It was a pretty weird column

Anonymous said...

1, shouldnt your Hammond and Cotton image link to the source - not you upload

2, Hamish Keith annoys - but just imagine him in pink (crocs)

Courtney Johnston said...

1. I'm not technical, and the Brooke Gifford site shows individual images in pop up windows. I can copy a URL by getting into the page info - but then if I linked to that I don't think readers would be able to access the rest of the site. So, a link it is. [Plus, I must admit, I'm often in a hurry. But you make a very valid point.]

2. I've been told Venice is hot enough during the Biennale to make your feet swell - maybe HK is on to something?