Thursday 25 September 2008

More mid week musing

Today, I'm wondering ...

... why Artbash is so quiet on the topic of Scape

... what Callum Morton and Peter Robinson plan to do with the polystyrene when the shows are over (and what the most environmentally sound art medium is ... conceptual art? sand sculptures?) (and when the GBAG are going to overhaul their website ... I heard plans were underway nearly a year ago)

... if this statistic is for real: "Wu represents artists who make 60 percent of the world's oil paintings."

... when the Walters Prize actually gets awarded. UPDATE: FIRST ANSWER. The Walters Prize will be awarded at a gala dinner on 31 October.

1 comment:

Sarah Eades said...

Good point, it is somehow missing from our webpage!

The winner is announced at the gala dinner on 31 October 2008.

i'll add it to the website!!