Monday 17 November 2008


Best of 3 is off to Sydney at the end of the week, and was all excited UNTIL .... I looked at the AGNSW site and saw the exhibition line up:*

  • Monet and the Impressionists
  • The Lost Buddhas
  • Tom Arthur
  • Country Culture Community

What is it with the Impressionists (this is the same show that's coming to Te Papa)? How did this period manage to capture the popular imagination to such an extent that you can more or less smack the word Impressionist into any exhibition title and watch the punters stream in?

But that's interesting. The above link to Te Papa's site brings up a contemporary art show opening on 20 December - "We are unsuitable for framing", presumably titled after the eponymous Barbara Kruger work in TP's collection. I've always thought that TP's Liz Maw full-frontal painting was pretty much unexhibitable in the museum: I look forward to seeing if it's made it into this show about "identity, gender, sexuality, and mythology".

*Personal taste and all, but I was hoping for something a bit more chewy.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Barbara Kruger at Te Papa, was that one of her works being used on L1 to inform people that a new museum exhibit was being installed?

Courtney Johnston said...

I'd have to go look - I tend to bypass most of the museum experience by taking the hidden lift from the entry straight to the 4th floor.