Monday 15 December 2008


The following is a list of the artist names that people have Googled and, as a result, ended up at Best of 3 in the past month:

Judy Millar (a particularly popular search: television judy millar hamish keith)
Rita Angus
Daniel du Bern
William Fox
Liz Maw
David Cross (full search: david cross massey relational aesthetics)
Gavin Hipkins
James Oram
Julian Dashper (searches for 'prices' and 'essays' and 'robert hughes review')
Len Lye
Leonard Mitchell
Peter Madden (actual search: peter madden + john hurrell)
Peter McIntyre
Rohan Wealleans
Raymond McIntyre
Peter Robinson
Simon Ingram
Ronnie van Hout
Seraphine Pick
Shane Cotton
Colin McCahon
Yvonne Todd


Richard Lummis
Jim Barr
Damian Skinner
Mary Barr
William McAloon
John Hurrell
Hamish Keith
Una Platt
Tina Barton (twice paired with Hamish Keith)

Most curious search term of past month: Paula Savage + corporate head hunting

Most cute: 'pronounce mrkusich'

Award for increasing frustration: 'wtf use is an art history degree'

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