Saturday 16 May 2009

Three snippets

An interview with Arnold Lehman, director of the Brooklyn Museum, about the recent cutbacks at the Museum.

Daniel Incandela from the IMA posted to Twitter and Facebook, asking for reader requests for a blog post. The resulting post covers Kanye, motion-detection cameras, online exhibitions and what surprises him about his organisation.

The final line of a recent Peter Schjeldahl review of an exhibition of five paintings from the Norton Simon collection currently on show at the Frick (published in the New Yorker, sadly not available online without registration) strongly reminded me of visiting the Celia Dunlop show at the Dowse:

It helps a lot when the spectre of a particular person, who particularly loved particular things, stands at our shoulder, urging attention, inviting cordial argument, and marvelling at our shared good luck, to be so extraordinarily entertained.

The phrase "marvelling at our shared good luck" exactly captures what I so enjoy about being shown through art collections by the people who've made and loved them.

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