Friday 23 October 2009

2 down, 1 to go

The Art & Industry Trust has announced changes for the next SCAPE Biennial in Christchurch, stating that "SCAPE 2010 will offer fewer pieces, selected against different criteria and a different process. More than two-thirds of the artworks will be from New Zealand artists, with a number of projects targeting the wider community for involvement." A curatorial group has been established, with three members: convenor Blair French, artist Julia Morison and landscape architect William Field.

Meanwhile, artists have been announced for next year's Auckland Triennial: Starkwhite's blog has the details.

That just leaves us waiting for an announcement from City Gallery about whether Prospect (the not-quite-biennial) will be taking place next year.

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HMS said...

Somebody stole City Gallery's name, the international biennial in New Orleans.