Friday 26 February 2010

Web muster

The Brooklyn Museum opens a lab environment - a place where they can share new features they're working on. First up - What is Love?, which displays items from the collection that audiences love. 'Love' is tracked in explicit and implicit ways - from favouriting to time spent on page - and it's interesting to see the differences between what people will say that they love, and what their behaviour shows.

Another question - Is This Art? An iPhone app that lets you take a photo of what you're looking at and, by virtue of "a complex, revolutionary algorithm", get a second opinion on whether it really is just a pile of rubbish.

A NYT feature on Jerome Neuner, a 30 year veteran at MOMA and their director of exhibition design: "his job — one that often goes unsung in the museum world and, particularly if done well, unnoticed by the public — is to serve as a kind of mediator between the visionary (the grand dreams of curators and artists about how a show could look) and the practical (how the show will fit within walls, some of them load bearing)."

I spend quite a lot of time in Flickr, and what I see in there sometimes does make me wonder how the line is drawn between accomplished photographer and artist. Jerry Saltz's Wolfgang Tillman review offers an argument.

And an interesting debate on the notion of a points-based museum membership.

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