Wednesday 31 August 2011

My favourite stationery

This (fascinating*) article about the debut of a new range of paperclips (Acco's Klix, pictured above) gives me an excuse to post a picture of my absolute favourite - better than Sharpies, better than new pencils - item of stationery:

Not only are they very good at holding pieces of paper together, the little boxes are like the stationery version of Tiffanys. Love.

For a more in-depth review of the new Acco Klix, see this Office Supply Geek post.

* Honestly - fascinating. The American paperclip industry is protected from Chinese manufacturing by import tariffs. Americans purchase more than 30 paperclips per capita each year. Acco is currently undertaking a major project to ensure they get exactly 100 paperclips into each container (they used to put in 102, to be on the safe side if people counted). Fascinating.

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