Saturday, 16 February 2013

Has the internet killed photography?

Of course not. Don't be so bloody silly.

Here are the cited sources for today's talk on and around Ben Cauchi's show at City Gallery. Depending on how the talk went, I may post the notes here later too.


It’s Polaroid’s World - We Just Live in It
Christopher Bonanos
The Wall Street Journal, 9 November 2012

I still don't get Instagram
Clive Martin
Vice, January 2013

Dappled Things: Pinkhassov on Instagram
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Pinterest, Tumblr and the Trouble with ‘Curation’
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How many photos have ever been taken?*
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Waving at the Machines
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Ben Cauchi interview - The long version
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Projects mentioned

Dear Photograph*

Young Me Now Me*

Descriptive Camera*

My Daguerreotype Boyfriend*



The Polaroid Cacher*



Mad Men - The Carousel 

Ian Ruhter: Silver and Light

Image credits

Websites/projects that I used screenshots from are marked with an *

Man and bird. Ref: 114/138/10-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. 

Dave Brubeck Quartet arriving at Wellington Airport. Ref: EP/1960/1132-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. 

United Nude’s Lo-Res shoe

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