Friday 3 May 2013

High rotate

I'm increasingly fond of Young Galaxy's new album
But not nearly as fond as this reviewer on Pretty Much Amazing. Some of the choicest sentences:

Astral and poetic though it may be, the restrictive labels of genre serve more to pigeonhole than categorize an album of this magnitude and thought. 

The cordial clatter of festival drum machines embraces the listener in the clement grasp of a hypnagogic summer. 

Violins emerge from the ether en masse like fireflies, filling the air with phosphorescent flecks of alternating melancholy and joy. 

Nothing else on Ultramarine matches the wilting splendor so carefully cultivated on “New Summer,” though gems abound. Unabashedly resplendent with Balearic synths and a sing-along chorus set to a captivating calypso cadence, “Fall For You” abandons all hinting toward a tropical ambiance and embodies the paradise that lies beyond the celestial halo. 

“Come sleepwalk with me,” she beckons, and with that she whisks you away to a sparkling synthetic azure.

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