Monday 15 July 2013

Aural magpies

Over the past year, I've rediscovered music. I've returned to hip hop after an absence of nearly half a lifetime, I've been overjoyed to see the resurgence of R&B, I've developed a new taste in Scandi pop, and I've got long playlists with titles like 'Elevator dancing', 'Sad-eyed boys' and 'Romantic minimalism'.

I get most of my new music from two blogs that I follow - Pretty Much Amazing and Line of Best Fit - and I've become very fond of the idiosyncratic writing style of the contributors, who clearly work very fast and as a result often write in Tyrianly purple shades of prose.

This year, as well as sharing what I've been listening to through regular high rotate posts, I've been collecting some of my favourite phrases from these write-ups using Storify - I tweet the bits that catch my ear and then usually throw in a link to the tracks occasioned them. Here's where I'm at now.

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