Monday 4 November 2013

Speak up

Along with "wherefore libraries in the digital age?", one of the most well-worn tropes in articles about the internet and our wider cultural sector is "criticism in the age of the internet".

This recent article by an Australian dance critic can be read as a stand-in for most of these articles; even just the title ("Everyone's a critic in the digital age ...") sums up the whole genre, though it ends unusually positively ("but the perspectives augur well"). I read it on the same day as I spotted this article about a project to review museum and gallery shows on Yelp by art critic Brian Droitcour, which has now been turned into an online exhibition by the New Museum. I had not previously thought of Yelp as a museum reviewing vehicle - the facilities, yes, the content, no. But I bet American museums are watching their Yelp reviews closely to improve their visitor services, and I wonder if we will be soon too.

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