Saturday 1 March 2014

And how does that make you *feel*?

Jeepers, it's been a bit quiet round here, hasn't it? That's because I'm cooking up a new project or four at work, plus working on a chapter for a book that I will talk about one day.

In the meantime, an afternoon taken away from work to catch up on the Festival shows round town charmingly turned into a chance to meet Jason Maling, whose work The Physician starts at City Gallery Wellington tomorrow.

Here, Maling offers treatment for art anxiety, from metaphobia to to manifest bewilderment issues. You can make an appointment with the art doctor on The Physician website.

(In addition to getting to fondle all the blue baize and delicious props, I had a fascinating short conversation with Maling and curator Aaron Lister about working with artists whose work involves public participation [for galleries] and working in galleries [for these artists] that I hope will be explored more fully later this year when The Dowse hosts the annual Curatorial Hui.)

Continuing the theme, Wellington is also about to experience the Moodbank project. From 13 to 23 March you can use an ATM or drop by their office to draw a visualisation or undertake a consultation to capture your emotional state - data that will later be used to map Wellington's mood. Again, you can make appointments through their website. Art - helping you out, for free, since ages ago.

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