Wednesday 15 October 2014


A recent article in the Art Newspaper covers the trend for curators to revive or re-work historical exhibitions.

This has, of course, got me thinking about exhibitions - New Zealand exhibitions - I have missed that I'd want to see again. A quick list includes:

  • Alter/Image, Tina Barton and Deborah Lawler-Dormer's 1993 show on contemporary feminism and art
  • The infamous Headlands and Cultural Safety shows, landmarks of the 1990s
  • Several of Colin McCahon's exhibitions at Barry Lett Galleries
  • Auckland Art Gallery's 1961 Painting from the Pacific, an experiment in bringing together work from the coasts of US, NZ, Aus and Japan to see if a geographically-determined link could be discerned (it couldn't)
  • Leon Narbey's opening exhibition for the Govett-Brewster
  • Selwyn Muru's 1979 Parihaka show at The Dowse, when the gallery was transformed temporarily into a wharenui

Which all goes to show that really, what I want primarily to experience is the time that I missed, rather than the art.

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