Saturday 28 February 2015

State of the blogosphere

Look. I'm old, okay? I'm old and I still haven't really figured out tumblr (because I can't search the damn thing from google) and I like Instagram because it's elegant and specific (i.e. lets me lazily like goodlooking photos) and I'm sad about what feels like the demise of Twitter (because my stream is full of advertising and people policing other people's supposed crimes against humanity) and I'm still keeping the hell away from Snapchat (since meeting my first real life person who sends dick pics - though not to me) and I miss the days when people (including me) blogged. Yup. I'm old.

So it's in that context that I really enjoyed this piece by Robinson Meyer on the release of Medium's* new features:
Medium’s new product bets that there’s some juice left in the old voice-driven web. It’s a testament to how much the Internet has changed that I can’t tell if that’s a solid tactic or middle-aged nostalgia.
And in the same context that I've been delighted over the last few months to see Matt Webb's Interconnected popping back up in my feedreader (yet another thing that underlines the I'm old refrain).

*Yeah. I don't fully understand Medium either, but at least this article made me feel better about that.

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