Saturday, 13 February 2016

Reading list, 13 February 2016

Earlier this week I published a post, thinking through what the words 'engagement' and 'experience' mean in current museum dialogue, and where they've come from. There's nothing more pleasing than seeing something you've written spark something in someone else's mind, and so seeing my friend Nat Torkington take that post as a springboard for his own exploration of similar shifts in schools and education design.

Andy Baio's 'Never trust a corporation to do a library's job' handily articulates beautifully some of the concerns about placing so much of the responsibility for preserving our creative and technological achievements into the hands of companies who aren't incentivised to do this job. (No regret for using the word 'incentivised there, it might be the only time I've used it without triggering a game of bullshit bingo.)

I still need to read this properly, but Wired's coverage of Quartz's new text-message style news delivery points to something intriguing.

More heritage doom and gloom, this time around closures of regional museums in Britain #ongoingsaga #nothtefunkindofsagaeither

New Zealand type designer Kris Sowersby is featured in this year's Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial: here's the NYT review of 'Beauty'.

And for your nostalgic pleasure: Winona, Forever

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