Saturday 28 May 2016

Reading list, 28 May 2016

Artsy, in collaboration with multinational financial services company UBS, has partnered in series of short web documentaries on the art world, starting with auctions and followed by galleries, patrons and art fairs. Touting themselves as lively yet nuanced introductions to each topic (I will agree with the lively, at least) they are remarkable largely for the talent they've gotten in front of the camera - and the claim towards the end of the first clip that Modigliani's Nu couché, auctioned at the end of last year for a record $170M, "will never be seen on the market again".

The Brooklyn Museum has been having rocky time in its neighbourhood recently, with a number of protests around both exhibition and partnership choices and the announcement last week of voluntary staff buy-outs. The New York Times recently wrote up other upheavals in the museum - this time its re-installation of its Egyptian and American art galleries.

This sound remarkable: The Self-Taught Artist Who Casts Cardboard “Actors” in All His Films on Hyperallergic.

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