Saturday 20 August 2016

Reading list, 20 August 2016

Why Brands Are Building Their Own 'Museums' Where Immersion Is the Price of Entry - AdWeek

The Oppressive Gospel of Minimalism - another kicker from Kyle Chaka for the New York Times

Take Me (I'm Yours) - the Jewish Museum runs a Kickstarter campaign to raise $ for production costs for an exhibition exploring concepts of value and participation.

House Arrest - Nate Freeman's long form examination of how Sotheby's is changing for Art News

David's Ankles - re-examines the already-covered story of how Michelangelo's sculpture is is fatally flawed, worth clicking through for Maurizio Cattelan's amazing hero image.

Two fantastically insightful interview on Tusk: On The Level with Emma Ng and Tuakana with Matthew Oliver.

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