Saturday, 26 November 2016

Reading list, 26 November 2016

Jonah Weiner for Billboard on Donald Glover and Atlanta, probably my favourite piece of pop culture this year.

Victoria Wynne-Jones interviews Erica van Zon for The Pantograph Punch, the first in a series of artist features The Dowse is collaborating on with PP.

This week it was my great pleasure to do a 'fireside chat' with ACMI's Chief Experience Officer Seb Chan for the National Digital Forum conference in Wellington. Here's a recent interview with Seb from Sandpit, 'Everything is partially broken'.

Every word Maciej Ceglowski publishes is worth reading: his latest talk is Who Will Command The Robot Armies. As always, it is hilarious, thought provoking and terrifying in equal measures.

Mark Sinclair on the Kinfolk redesign, and a throwback to Rob Alderson's piece last year on the divisiveness of the magazine and its aesthetic.

The ongoing fascination of digital restoration and facsimiles: Daniel Zalewski for The New Yorker on Factum Arte, a “digital mediation” workshop which seeks to “redefine the relationship between the original and the copy.”

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