Saturday 10 June 2017

Reading list, 10 June 2017

Nina Tonga, curator of Pacific Art at Te Papa, writes about 'Pikipiki hama kae vaevae manava: joining our vaka to share our breath or life stories', the museum's co-collecting initiative with Tongan communities in Auckland.

Read Tom Armitage's introduction (bringing together Sontag and screensavers) before you read Zack Hatfield on the forgotten joys of the screensaver.

Jia Tolentino on the end of the (internet) personal essay boom.

Thought-provoking: Chika Okeke-Agulu, 'Modern African Art Is Being Gentrified'.

I love Roberta Smith's language in this review, plus it introduced me to a plethora of new artists: ‘Midtown’: That Chair’s Charming, but Can I Sit in It?

Seb Chan writes about a project with RMIT students to produce visualisations giving insights into ACMI's collections.

Shelley Bernstein writes about the Barnes Foundation's new partnership with a bike-share initiative to reach new audiences.

And in new sites: Auckland curator Ioana Gordon-Smith has started collecting her writing online; veteran American exhibition-maker Dan Spock has started a 'museum tradecraft journal'.

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