Wednesday 2 March 2011

All the right lines in all the right places

This is your last week to see Patrick Lundberg's exhibition 'Some Broken Lines' at Robert Heald Gallery.

The show feels like an anniversary - although Heald's gallery is not quite yet a year old, the opening exhibition was also by Lundberg.

This time round, the painted and altered pieces of found materials are joined by a wall drawing in pencil, and painted and marked up shoe-laces and straps (perhaps the descendants of Barnett Newman's Zips?).

Seeing Lundberg's exhibition after a couple of very noisy weeks, I felt instantly soothed. The calmness, the white space and all those restful lines. Something about Lundberg's strong but quiet aesthetic really draws in me. The installation shots of the exhibition can't do justice to the pieces within it - in photos they look a little washed out and lonely, whereas in the flesh, they are often bold (especially the acid yellow and green) and the resonating cumulative effect of all the falling lines seems to fill the space. Get along while you still can.


Patrick Lundberg
No title (4) (detail), 2010
Gesso and dye on strap
Image from the Robert Heald Gallery website

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