Monday 12 December 2011

Fritsch in Chch

The National has a simply glorious looking show of Karl Fritsch's work on at the moment. Not only do the pieces look terrific, but his characteristically rough-edged yet elegant displays look just as good. Go visit and shop, if you can.

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Robyn said...

At your recommendation, I paid a visit. It was a fine collection indeed, and well worth a visit. Lovely gnarly rings!

National Gallery is located in a large block that is almost entirely cleared (though most of that happened years earlier). Its Madras St entrance is in the Red Zone, so you have to enter the building via the back entrance off Tuam Street. This involved wandering across a vast, empty urban wasteland, complete with a crushed car left in the middle. Very Duran Duran video.

NG was a great space, though when I wandered over to the clothing side of the store, a staffer pounced on me with such excitement that I wondered if I was the first customer they'd had all month.

It's a great gallery, and I recommend a visit. C4 coffee is just across Tuam Street in its fancy new warehouse space, which makes for a nice sit-down-and-reflect opportunity.