Friday 2 December 2011


I'm quite taken by the Walker Art Center's new homepage.

Some people will find it way too busy. Me, I like how they seem to have expanded their remit - not just a homepage for their gallery, but a homepage for the visual and performing arts. I like, for example, how articles from other sites are getting pulled through to the page.

I also like all the small touches - little features where you can flick through three panes, the three views for opening hours, this little feature on the far left that highlights different content by theme.

It's a bit super-user, but I enjoy how it rewards exploration. The more you adventure through it, the more it reveals to you - a nice metaphor for art itself, no?

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staplegun said...

It does feel a bit like it has a confused self-identity, but it is an awesome step in the right direction.

I always felt librarians were too restricted in sharing their depth of knowledge online, though they have some validity around their excuse of staying neutral.

But when I jumped over to museums, I found they are also restricted online, yet they have no excuse (they are expected to do interpretation)!

Too often these knowledge 'hubs' only present themselves as knowledge 'places' - ie. somewhere knowledge lives rather than where it happens.