Wednesday, 7 December 2011

City Gallery Wellington's Future - The Survey

When I saw the announcement of Paula Savage's retirement from City Gallery in their enewsletter, and an invitation to take a survey on the future of the Gallery, I was quite excited. Would they give us a multi-choice list of potential directors to choose from? Could I ask for a larger number of smaller, shorter-run exhibitions throughout the year? Could I tell them about the public programme events I want to attend?

Nope. But you can tell them what you think about the idea of a $10 entry fee for anyone who can't prove Wellington residency to visit City Gallery Wellington and the Museum of City and Sea.

Some sample questions:


Anonymous said...

I love it when district councils come up to Long Term Planning time...

Anonymous said...

Why ask locals if a $10 entry charge is a fair price? They're not going to be asked to pay it. As someone from outside Wellington, this question was missing from the survey I filled out. Shame on the Wellington Museums Trust for even considering this!