Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fun fun fun

My new favourite thing on the internet is the NDF speakers' playlist.
Ever spoken at a conference and wondered what the sound track would be like? And even if you haven't, here's your chance to create the definitive sounds of NDF2012. If you're speaking at NDF this year, nominate your top 5 tracks and Wellington's own Bill Nothingelseon (http://twitter.com/nothingelseon) will mix up the list on http://soundcloud.com.
It grew - as these things so often do - out of a random conversation on twitter, and is now taking a life of its own.

(So far one of my favourites: Phoenix's 1901, nominated by Keir Winesmith, and just added to my secret 'silent disco in the lift at work' playlist, where it sits beautifully with Passion Pit's Sleepyhead, Grimes' Oblivion, Little Dragon's Ritual Union and Kids of 88's Just a Little Bit. I guess that's not so secret now.)

I'm loving picking through people's music - being surprised (and not surprised) by people's taste, forming pictures of people I haven't met yet. It's like a Webstock conference (recently? a couple of years ago? I lose track) where I wanted all the speakers to recommend their favourite or most recently read books. I want to get inside the heads of these people.

And it makes me want artists to put together playlists to go with their shows. I would love that.

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