Thursday, 4 October 2012

NDF barcamps

The National Digital Forum has announced a series of regional barcamps in late October/early November:
  • Auckland (2nd Nov) 
  • Christchurch (1st Nov) 
  • Dunedin (30 Oct) 
  • Levin (30 Oct) 
  • Napier (26 Oct) 
  • Nelson (5 Nov) 
  • Rotorua (30 Oct) 
  • Tauranga (29 Oct) 
  • Wellington (26th Oct)

The half-day events are free but numbers are limited, so you'll want to get in early. From the NDF website:
Barcamps (sometimes called unconferences) are participant-driven events where the attendees both create the agenda and run the sessions. These NDF barcamps are an opportunity to get together with others in your region and share ideas about the digital work of museums, libraries, archives, galleries and others in the broad cultural heritage space.
These barcamps are free half-day events, being run the month before NDF conference in Wellington. So it's also an opportunity to start a conversation to continue at the conference… or get a taste of NDF and contribute locally if you can't make it to the full conference. 
Speaking of the conference: early bird pricing closes on 9 October, so get in quick. (It's not too late to register your organisation as a member to take advantage of the registration subsidy either.) And I was reminded by tweet the other day that I'd actually written a list of reasons why you should attend this conference: they're not half bad.


Robyn said...

Ach! No Waikato location! I have three options that are all at least a two-hour drive from where I am, sadly putting it out of reach. I assume this has to do with local organisers, as there's no New Plymouth location either.

Andy said...

Yeah, sorry Robyn... we went with every location where a facilitator came forward. Maybe more next year.