Thursday 15 November 2007

Long time, no Ed Winkleman

It's been a while since I pointed you to one of Ed's posts, so here's his most recent, on the 'dangers of the secondary market for living artists'.

In the post Ed writes:

I attended a panel discussion a while back with three high-powered Chelsea dealers who were sharing their experiences with a group of us younger galleries. One of the established dealers surprised me by announcing she shares a percentage of every resale that goes through her space with her artists. There are many reasons that makes good business sense to me, none the least of which it helps you retain said artists, but also because by giving the artist an interest in how sold work appreciates, the gallery, the collector, and the artist will all be invested in seeing that work appreciate.

This reminded me of the teacup storm over resale royalty rights in earlier this year; the MCH discussion paper is being analysed now.

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