Thursday 24 April 2008

What are you thinking? Take Four

The lastest in this ongoing occasional series...

This month, you are thinking HANDSOME. Search terms bringing people to this blog over the last couple of weeks include:

'handsome bearded men'
'handsome art gallery'
'tall, dark and handsome + blogspot'
'tall, dark and handsome t-shirt'
'michael tall, dark and handsome'
'the phrase "tall, dark and handsome"'

People are still looking for the answer to the ongoing puzzle: 'uses for a art history degree' (and seeking to up their chances of success with the grammatically correct 'uses for an art history degree').*

And a new question emerges: 'jobs that give you a clothing allowance'.

* Best of 3 has pondered this question at length, and the answer is: visiting art galleries and then blogging about it.


Anonymous said...

You get better stats than I do. Although 'dead shark' comes up frequently. Also you don't need an art history degree to blog about it but it would be useful ;-)

Anonymous said...

You have some very odd visitors. What's more disturbing, 'handsome, bearded man', 'tall, dark and handsome t-shirt', or 'handsome art gallery'? I know one place where all of the above can be found ...

Courtney Johnston said...

I LOVE 'handsome art gallery'. I think it's an adjective that needs more airing.

are you going to name names?