Thursday 3 July 2008

Eight words to describe an artist


1. Emerging

2. Established

3. Significant

4. Important

5. Major

6. Leading

7. Acclaimed

8. Preeminent


1. Ace

2. Hilarious

3. Deep

4. Well-endowed

5. Noxious

6. Zaftig

7. Punchy

8. Sanguine


Anonymous said...

Very funny :-) I know its probably valid but I've always hated the term "Senior Artist"

Courtney Johnston said...

I love the career steps: young, mid-career, senior (stymied by people like Rosalie Gascoigne, who was an emerging artist in her 70s).

It's the mid-careers I feel really sorry for: a mid-career survey always makes an artist sound (a) frumpily middle-aged and (b) liked they've peaked already, and now it's just a slow descent into seniorship.