Friday 10 October 2008

Friday muster


Australian auction house Deutscher and Hackett get offered a "contentious nude" by Bill Henson, decide to give it a miss - The Australian and Art Market Monitor suggest the decision is based more on a failing art market than the chance of a resurgence of this year's earlier outcry.


As Cheryl Bernstein observes, Pundit's Keith Ovenden is no fan of Fiona Hall. I have no love of the heavy-breathing show myself, but found Ovenden's repeated use of "Ms" Hall condescending. I'm a bit of a bone-picker here - I also loathe it when people write of Rita and Frances, not Angus and Hodgkins - and think a simple surname will suffice. It's Ovenden's first review on Pundit, so time will tell - maybe the next will be of Mr Van Hout's two openings next week?


LACMA are blogging, and in the most recent post, a curator goes that extra mile for the sake of her collection items.


Finally - does your gallery or museum site have RSS feeds? If you do, think about adding them to Ideum's latest project, the RSS feed mixer.

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Anonymous said...

Point #2. I wonder if it were a male, Ovenden would have written "Mr Hall"?

As someone guilty of the "Rita" thing, I am pretty sure I wouldn't do that if I were a serious arts writer. However I felt that the Angus exhibition was being pushed as "Rita". Mostly I was influenced by Preston's film though, with Elva Bett's "Dear Rita" and it has stuck.