Thursday 23 October 2008

This week's crush

Currently quite taken by these posters designed by Leonard Mitchell ...

Wondering if these might also be his handiwork ...

Also rather fetched by the fact that Mitchell's middle name was Cornwall. Very euphonious.

All images from the Drawings, Paintings and Prints Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, and accessible on the Timeframes website.

From top:

Mitchell, Leonard Cornwall 1901-1971 :Sport in New Zealand; deer stalking, moose & wapiti, fur and feathered game. [ca 1935]. Reference No. Eph-A-TOURISM-1930s-01-front

Mitchell, Leonard Cornwall 1901-1971 :Sport in New Zealand; trout and salmon fishing, big game fishing. [ca 1935]. Reference No. Eph-A-TOURISM-1930s-01-back

New Zealand; mountains, lakes, fiords; shooting, fishing, deer stalking. [ca 1928]. Reference number: Eph-A-TOURISM-NZ-1928-01

New Zealand, the land of sport; scenic charms and attractions. [1927]. Reference number: Eph-A-TOURISM-NZ-1927-01

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