Tuesday 17 November 2009

Web muster

More on the visualisation theme: Pick-a-Path books. I reckon these publications are a powerful metaphor for art history and especially collection hangs (witness Alfred Barr), I just have to make a snazzy presentation one day to sell the idea to someone.

Two 'controversies' (the quote marks indicate I'm unsure about the validity of the outcry) that keep on giving: Damien Hirst's latest work (Guardian interview), and the Dakis Joannou show at New York's New Museum (NYT article 1: naughty museum | Jerry Saltz 1 | round-up of Tyler Green posts & thoughts | NYT article 2: incestuous museum | Jerry Saltz 2 )

The sentence that has made my week (and it's only Tuesday):
Students will have attained ... 'Understanding of the specific concerns and needs of the high-net-worth client who is an art collector, enabling the student to build a stronger relationship with the client.' (New York University's Certificate in art business)

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claudia said...

#3 I love the fact that you can make your combo. Would you like that certificate with Law and Ethics or Address Book Management?