Monday 31 January 2011


For the first time in my life, I'm feeling the itch to visit Tasmania. Why? I want to check out MONA, the just-opened private museum of professional gambler and art collector David Walsh.

There's been a shit-load of coverage of the museum leading up to the opening; someone's done a marvelous marketing job. One piece that really caught my eye was from this December article in The Observer:

Moving through the windowless voids is deliberately bewildering. A personal audio device is both the only guide to the art and a way for Mona to track you – it can tell how long you stand in front of each work. Walsh thinks he will swap around the 10 most popular and least popular pieces each week.

What Walsh is suggesting here is effectively exhibition A/B testing. I find it fascinating, and hope to god MONA publishes stats based on this data.

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