Monday 18 April 2011

Oooh, aaaah

There's nothing better for a punishing headcold than a poke around Melbourne's contemporary jewellery galleries (online, that is - that way you don't have to worry about your nose leaking on a display cabinet).

I've been a fan of the Pieces of Eight gallery for years now - my Craig Spark necklace I bought there in 2006 remains one of my most favourite things. I didn't realise that the gallery had moved into town; I can't wait to see their new place in June. Pieces of Eight also has a very active and picture-packed blog, featuring piece of the day and workbench of the week posts: an immediate add to Google Reader.

It's clearly been a while since I perused the Melbourne jewellery scene, as Djurdjica Kesic's work has snuck up on me unseen. It's always hard to tell online, of course, but her work looks exactly like what appeals to me - non-traditional materials mixed in with traditional, 'precious' materials, a slightly industrial or rough-edged tone, a formal approach to materials, and a sense of adventure and surprise. Kesic has had three shows at Pieces of Eight: Nomad, Transitions and work in the group show My Pet Rock. Fingers crossed I can get to the real thing in June.

I've also started following Karen Thompson's Melbourne Jeweller blog in preparation for my trip (you can't say I don't take these things seriously) - as well as the coverage of local jewellery happenings I particularly appreciate that she uses a Creative Commons license on her blog's content. Also, she out her links page for a long listing of Australian jeweller blogs and hours of online exploration.

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Thank you so much for the link. I look forward to exploring your blog too!