Friday, 12 October 2012


What if an art gallery was designed to show its collection on the outside, like this library?

'Book Mountain' ,  a new public library, located in Spijkenisse near Rotterdam

The Book Mountain public library, designed by architecture firm MVRDV, is located in the Dutch suburb of Spijkenisse near Rotterdam, a community with an illiteracy rate of 10%. Designed to act as an 'advertisement for reading', the structure consists of five stories of book-walls, encased in a glass structure; it is part of a mixed-use development of housing and commercial areas. (The bookshelves, rather wonderfully and improbably, are made of recycled flowerpots.)

What about sun damage? Apparently, the average life of a library book is 4 years; long term care is not an issue here. So, sure. It might not work for oils and watercolours. But it's a hell of a statement - both visually, and as a distillation of what you do and what you are.

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