Thursday, 1 November 2012

Set my images free

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum reopens in April next year. In the meantime, they have just thrown open the doors of their collections. Via the Rijks Studio, 125,000 collections items can be viewed, added to sets. cropped, printed, downloaded (in glorious resolution) and reused.

It's the 'create products' that fascinates me. The museum is explicitly inviting commercial use. This is pretty amazing. As is this ...

To mark the launch, the museum is working with artists and designers to show what the Studio can do. This (temporary?) tattoo by Droog Design is a remix of  a 17th century still life painting.

And that's an example of the zoom that's available on the Rijkmuseum collection search. It's beautiful. And fast. And simple. I love it.

UPDATE: Inspired by this idea, I spent my lunchtime making (inevitably) a DigitalNZ set of images I'd remix for a tattoo. Droog-like, Rita Angus's Passionflower heads the list.

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